Hey there!

It’s me, Calysta. Welcome to Beam of Brush! We’re a creative studio that specially caters to enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs and businesses. Whether you are just starting out or considering to rebranding your business, we are here to help you make it happen.

Here at Beam of Brush, we design cohesive and sustainable brand emphases through creative and global initiatives that are essential in our new-age marketplace.

Besides being a team of energetic creative-preneurs, we are also a team of inno-preneurs who constantly invent and evolve new initiatives to help industries navigate the new-age digital business landscape and branding perception sphere.

We constantly study and equip ourselves with new knowledge and techno-market trends to improve our skills and deliverables.

We are, above all, passionate about all kinds of businesses and would love to be part of your exciting journey, joining in and sharing your vision with the world.

Want to know how we can help you out? Check out our services below and do drop us a message.

Beam of Brush

The Inspiration…

The Beam of Brush idea for my creative studio came to me one evening while I was at Turó de la Rovira, a hill overlooking Barcelona. The stunning night city view of beautiful Barcelona, dressed in all its city lights.

Inspiring amidst the tepid Mediterranean breeze, yet vibrant with many shades of light beams; like a night canvas sky with city lights as stars. T’was there and then my right-brain flared with imagination.

It’s amazing how simple visual anecdotes amplify our creative and perceptive cortices. And that should how all brands of passion be; entranced and enigmatic.

Do you have a beam of inspiration for your passion? Talk to us and together we can open a world of opportunities for you.

How we can be of help to your business

Personalized Branding

• Valuable brand consulting and strategic advisory

• Up-to-date branding insights and trend analytics 

• Design a unique brand identity in line with your brand’s manifesto and mood board

Custom Website Design

• Create a stunning digital storefront that appeals to your target audiences

• High conversion website with strong call-to-action

• Stylish and professional websites that embodies your chic

Increase Brand Awareness

• Increase social outreach and increase sales through creative awareness initiatives

• Build a strong sustainable brand community and following

• Build business continuity strategies on social media

More about me

I came into this world in Singapore, where the greens are always manicured and food is always the next question on everyone’s mind. But I’ve always felt I belong in Barcelona or in a plane headed somewhere cooler, away from the equator.  

I found myself in the managerial career with a prestigious business and consulting firm for many years. Back then, I homed my marketing, corporate compliance and business consulting skills managing a portfolio of over 300 clients; while leading a team of staff and building contacts along the way.

Seeing life beyond the cubicle, I plucked-up the courage, packed my luggage and took the first flight out of Singapore to Barcelona. T’was the first day I lived my passion and the first day I lived free! 

Being in Barcelona truly inspired me that “everything is possible!”. Especially when you’re working on your passion, you truly are in your element and potential. Inspiration is always in the air over here.

While I’m fully certified as a professional corporate legal and statutory compliance consultant, my many years of corporate venture experiences has taught me that branding really is the real sustainable essence of any entity.

Intrigue and perception. 2 words about my branding strategy that I always share with my clients. One is that you let your clients guess what your business entails and the latter is you getting your clients to understand you in the frame you decide. The difference between determines how sustainable a business will be eventually.

During my free time, I love to stroll around my new-found neighbourhood in Eixample, allured to all the beautiful art and architecture, eating my favourite tapas, catching up with friends or just enjoying a nice book by the beach.

But enough of me for now, I would love to know more about you! Let’s connect. And if you happen to be in Barcelona or Singapore, let’s meet up. I love making new friends.

Branding and Website Design Services

A creative studio dedicated to helping businesses create cohesive and sustainable brands.