Branding, Advertising

Branding is not just a marketing gimmick or an optional tool. In today’s business world, branding is the business! More often than not, when you think of branding, you’ll think of a nice looking logo or package design that reminds you of a particular company or product. That is only half the story.

Branding an expression of an impression.

Whatever your business is, your brand itself should tell the world what it is and what it does. If consumers can’t identify your brand, they can’t identify with your brand, leaving them to carry on elsewhere. A brand can speak volumes without a single written word and its expression, visual or otherwise, will leave a lasting impression for many. A poorly designed logo could imply wrong perceptions to its viewers and yet a poorly crafted one will leave many suggesting references instead.

The 3 seconds or 3 words rule.

The average span of a person’s attention is 3 seconds or 3 words, leaving that much time and space for a business to pitch their chance. If a business person can’t drop 3 significant or impactful words about their brand to a potential customer, there’s not a chance that customer would be very interested to hear what’s next, unless it’s the business person buying the next round of beer. Branding must be concise and impactful that can catch anyone within those 3 seconds or 3 words. It could be 4 seconds or 4 words, but 3 keeps you guessing!

Branding is ownership.

Interesting enough, the word branding is very associated from the age old concept of them shepherds or wranglers marking their herd as property. The old heated branding iron used to stamp on the animals (poor guys) bearing the mark of its owner to prevent unlawful pilfering. Hence branding for a business should be a mark of ownership of a trade or business, portraying dominance and expertise with vigour and zeal. Not a washed up seal with unimaginable colours and unenthusiastic feel. Own it!

Branding creates trust.

A good brand should emphasize a lasting image thats spells out a legacy of trust. Trust is an extremely rare commodity in markets today and it is the key to securing business after business. If a brand can’t emblazone trust, customers may not see the security investing in your business and may not even reveal, share or refer your business to others. Trust is the underlying key for a sustainable business relationship.


Branding is the business for business. It is the front-end and everything within from your products to your people and it will be something that will carry-on perpetually wherever your business takes you. If it ain’t done right, it ain’t gonna last. Branding is important business!